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What do you desire?

Desire is the main thing that drives your success. Without desire your attempt to achieve your goal is like a hamster on a spinning wheel – going fast but going absolutely nowhere. You often see this when people wants something for the wrong reason. Another time is when people really don’t know what their desire is.

To achieve success in any arena you need to have the desire to achieve your goal and it has to be the right desire associated with that goal.

If you have the real desire to achieve your goals, you’ll always achieve your goals. The power of desire has launched famous people in the world to tremendous levels of success. Having the right desire for the right goal will help you to stay motivated and always enjoy success at any goal.

There’s one thing we must keep in mind; wanting and desiring something are very different. For example: you may want to make more money - but what do you really desire? If you think that money will give you more time, more security, more freedom - then what you really desire is freedom, security, more time and perhaps a comfortable lifestyle.

After he lost his most recent fi

ght Mike Tyson said: "I lost my desire, I'm not hungry anymore. I'm wealthy, my kids have money, I have nothing to fight for." Mike Tyson's desire to fight was to be wealthy and make sure that his family was financially secure. Filling his ego with the notion that he was heavyweight champ didn't matter anymore. Since he had the money – fighting wasn't necessary to him and there was no desire to fight. He wanted to make some more money, he wanted to come back and be champ again - but he had no real desire.

What do you really desire?

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