Organizational and   Individual      Consulting

JMJ Consulting can help individuals and groups develop a progressive, successful organization with a clear focus on the vision of the business allowing leaders to manage larger projects. JMJ Consulting assists individuals and organizations create sustainable, motivated and accountable teams, while managing their time wisely.


At JMJ Consulting, we use research based strategies to assist with prioritizing tasks, giving clear direction on what to do first and eliminate that overwhelming feeling.

Educational Consulting

JMJ Consulting understands retention of beginning teachers continues to be the struggle for districts.  beginning teachers who participate in a comprehensive induction program, which includes, professional development, a mentor at the school and from the district, and peer support are more likely to be retained adding continuity and expertise to a school district.


  • Increase knowledge of subject matter, professional preparation, and teacher autonomy through on-going planning, self-assessments, and reflection.

  • Provide continuous assistance and support through mentors, partner teachers, and collaborative team planning, and collection and review of data.

  • Provide professional development related to best practices, formative assessments, and alignment of curriculum and standards.

  • Identify effective teaching practices as evidenced by student learning

Leadership Development

Developing Skills to Effectively Change Habits

According to Senge, a learning organization is a “place where central to the organization’s culture is collective effort among individuals and the organization to continually expand their capacity for achieving the results they desire.” (Senge, 1990) In the simplest terms, a learning organization is one that constantly adapting and changing to support the others within the organization. It is an organization that creates a culture that holds itself personally accountable for the growth and development of the individuals it serves as well as within the organization itself.


  • Assist with developing a strong leadership culture

  • Develop strategies that are aligned with business and/or organizational goal

  • Develop a process for continuous and focused improvement and refinement similar to that of the strategic planning process

  • Move from a management organization to a learning organization

  • Streamline resources to provide a centralized accountability system resulting in targeted systemic development focused on change