Leadership Development 

Strong start, Great leaders is an innovative resource focused on the development beginning teachers. Before you start navigating the resource it’s important to read ‘About’ this resource and understand the key ‘Principles’ that underpin it.

Leadership Development

Leadership skills can play a large role in career development. The mismatch between leadership development as it exists and what leaders actually need is enormous and widening. Customization of learning opportunities, gives first-time leaders relevant examples of what to expect in their new leadership role, as opposed to training that only provides general and non-specific information.


Creating a Culture, Vision, and Mission

The culture, vision, and mission of a school/ organization has a major impact on the environment. These sessions address each of those three areas and provides examples of how to create a more healthy learning  and productive environment.

Leading Systematic Improvement 

Without effective leaders, many schools and organizations simply have “pockets of greatness”. An effective leader must take steps to ensure the entire system is functioning effectively

Developing Onsite Programs

These workshops prepare you to set up your organization’s own mentoring program. Learn how to use a formal mentoring approach to support retention, diversity, recruiting and succession planning. Establish strategic goals and plans for implementing mentoring. Develop strategies for selecting and matching mentors and mentees. Gain skills in the best way for communicating the process to your organization.