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New Teacher Development

Professional development experiences designed for novice teachers to acquire effective instructional strategies, reflect on their practice, and network and collaborate with colleagues.  Each two-hour monthly seminar focuses on a different teaching standard, which provides a critical lens for viewing and generating potential approaches to challenges.

Focused Professional Learning

Help prepare teacher build a community of learners while considering a wide range of academic, social, and emotional differences among K-12 students


Supporting the Mentor/ Coach

Design and develop a professional development system of modules for mentors as they support new teachers in their 1st – 5th year and consider growth opportunities to the more experienced teacher focused on common core standards and other district specific learning opporunties.  

In the Classroom

Technical Assistance

Together we develop ways to mentor, coach, and reflect through a consultancy model of inquiry and leadership development. We also offer opportunities to brainstorm and problem-solve some of the common issues.

Our customized training's can be brought to your school, daycare center or organization based on your schedule.

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