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Purpose is Everything

Why do people struggle with achieving their goals?

Goals can be set on any topic imaginable but if you don’t have a sense of purpose, it makes it is easy to give up and loose focus the initial excitement wears off. That’s your why? Understanding how your goal is relevant to you allows you to persevere even when it gets tough.

Suggestion: When setting your goal, ask yourself how the goal is relevant to your life and what you want to achieve. Why did I choose this in the first place?

Another reason why people don’t accomplish their goals is when

Listening to negative people or people who discourage you.

When you decide to achieve your goals, especially the big ones that are aligned to your purpose, it is inevitable that people will discourage you. There are many reasons for this: concern, jealousy, ignorance, etc. How many goals have already given up on because other people decided they were not worth pursuing?

To overcome this, it’s really easy ignore the people who are speaking against you. As long as you know the purpose for your goal, or it’s related to your why, go ahead move forward. Take what they are saying into consideration but make sure you make the final choice. This is why understanding your why is critical.

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