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Coordinating Support for Family Success

Our team aims to enroll pregnant women in prenatal care as early in the pregnancy as possible, ensuring that our parents receive early and continuous prenatal care services, as well as individual  social support and services.  Our support includes regular visits completed in the office, home or another preferred location. Our care will continue through the end of the pregnancy and postpartum for 60 days.

Services Included:

  • Outreach Activities

  • Initial Assessment

  • Care Plan Development

  • Ongoing care coordination and monitoring

  • Goal Setting 

We help answer questions like:

  • I'm pregnant, now what?

  • Can I still achieve my dreams after I have my baby?

  • When should I go to the doctor?

  • What doctors are available?

  • When and where are childbirth classes?

  • I would like more information on breast feeding. How do I include the father of my baby in this pregnancy?

  • What changes are going on in my body?

  • How is my baby growing?

  • What are signs of labor and when do I need to go to the hospital?

  • What community services are available to me?

  • What will my baby and I need?

Pre-Natal Care 


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